Why Sell With Us
Why Sell With Us?

NO UP FRONT COST TO YOU                                                                                                



  • We have partner auctioneers with facilities in most every state that will come set up your sale.
  • We have over 1.6 MILLION monthly users in our auction network.
  • We have experts that know how to drive buyers to your unique items.
  • Our extensive mailing list is geared toward each type of item regardless of your industry.
  • We offer Shipping for every item type, which opens your bidding to nationwide bidders, and even world wide. From small packages to truck freight and even air shipments.
  • Each auction has a team promoting your sale; from paid advertising, social networking, forums, press releases, mass emailing and even live phone calls to prospective buyers.
  • WE SELL EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. No waiting for callers from Craigslist that never show up, or browsers that look for hours then low ball you on your item. We will list every last item you want to sell, and at the end of the sale, EVERYTHING IS GONE AND REMOVED. Small items that you may never sell locally, will sell with us. Our large quantity buyers in a particular industry may be buying restaurant equipment for example, and if they purchase some of your large items, they will definitely purchase small items needed for that same industry. They may not be looking for utensils or plates, but if they are already sending a truck to pick up, they will buy your small items as well.
  • Need it Moved Fast? we can do short notice sale.
  • Need your items moved from location? We have teams to do that. We have a 250,000 square foot facility at our Headquarters in Valley City Ohio. We can also move your items to a nearby storage facility if you are not close to us and conduct the sale from our location.
  • Let us deal with all the items and customers, and you just deal with one representative, sit back, enjoy the excitement of the auction process and pick up your money.

Why buyers and sellers love All Around Auctions-

  • Our employees are professional, courteous, and super helpful.
  • Auctions are an exciting, interactive environment for buyers and sellers.
  • Sellers get items sold they may never have been able to through retail. Buyers get great deals and a fun experience.
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Just East of Columbia rd and Grafton rd intersection,south side of road,and dead ends into our entrance.